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Dyad Guild

Comprised of wild magic sorcerers and wizards of all schools, the Dyad Guild is the magical powerhouse of Spyrys.   The sorcerers and wizards within the guild have created a mutually beneficial relationship. The wizards are trained in reducing or redirecting dangerous wild magic surges, thereby protecting sorcerers from their self-destructive magical fallout. The sorcerers, in turn, allow their blood to be used as an ingredient in a magic-enhancing potion. A sorcerer guarded by a wizard amplified by this potion is a devastating combination, and this mage dyad gives the guild its name.   The potion created from sorcerer blood is only offered to members of the guild and is the primary perk of a wizard's membership. For a sorcerer, membership to the guild offers elevated status and protection (from the world and themselves).   Sorcerers are a rare occurrence in The Heartland and are outnumbered by the guild's wizards.   The Guild is currently lead by the ranking Dyad: Guildmaster Magus Meliora and Guildmaster Sorcerer Kensa.


Joining the Dyad Guild as a sorcerer is simple: request admission and agree to submit to regular blood donations. Sorcerers are practically guaranteed to find a compatible pairing with a ranking wizard in the Guild within months.   Joining the Dyad Guild as a wizard is another story. They must be nominated by a ranking member of the Guild, pay an enrollment fee, and perform one or more deeds for the guild. While joining theĀ Guild does not guarantee placement within a Dyad with a sorcerer, it does guarantee access to all non-restricted educational materials and occasional lectures by ranking members. To access restricted materials, a wizard must participate in research within one of the schools under a ranking member.


The ranks within the Dyad Guild are as follows, from lowest rank to highest:

  • Apprentice
  • Novice
  • Acolyte
  • Journeyman
  • Magus / Sorcerer
  • Master Magus / Master Sorcerer
  • Grandmaster Magus / Grandmaster Sorcerer
  • Guildmaster Magus / Guildmaster Sorcerer

Guild, Mages

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