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On islands suspended by massive chains, the great races grew for millennia without any knowledge of their neighbors. Fak Egglezib⁣, a gnome mage, was convinced that there must be more on the horizon. He collected his cleverest inventors and constructed the first airships, capable of traversing the massive empty space between islands. He and his inventors, the Wings of Fak⁣, reached across the previously impossible distances between the disparate islands to gather the diverse peoples in peace and harmony. They introduced the first trans-island trade routes, caravans, messengers, and, much to Fak's disappointment, warrior transports. Though the Wings earned a hefty profit, they did not relish their position as a resource of war.   In the end, the position of power these inventors held was seen as an opportunity by King Grun⁣ of the Dwarves⁣. In a carefully planned and brutal operation known diplomatically as The Changing of Hands⁣, the Wings were decisively removed from the fleet they had built and its infrastructure. Fak and his inner circle have not been heard from since, and gnomes are unlikely to forget the atrocities committed on that day.   Three decades later, a city has grown in a midpoint between the largest islands. It has become a place of trade, tourism, and peace where all races are welcome.   But not all is well in Pendent. The airships have visibly aged since the dwarven attack, and there are rumors of ships falling out of the sky. King Grun⁣ must know - what has he done about it? What happened to Fak?