Forgers of a New Fate

Father was always so full of hope and loyal to the end, but I fear the dynasty of old has come to an end. Any pretender claiming to be an heir now is likely just a fraud. Instead of putting our faith in men and women who have long since passed, I will instead provide my people with a new hope. It will be my banner that shall hang over the imperial throne one day. Our time has come.
— Idril Ei Asul, Prince of Sabba
  Opportunism is a monarchist belief shared by Remnant restorationists who believe that the fallen Rahyamin Empire and its laws and institutions must be restored under the guidance and leadership of a strong new leader. Adherents of this ideology consider the House of Rahyamin the primary cause behind the empire’s downfall and that the rise of a new dynasty could restore the realm to greatness. Opportunism is widespread among the Remnant since most people consider the old dynasty extinct and therefore, legitimists ideas aren’t taken as seriously. The ideology appeals to ambitious warlords with dreams of power and glory.  


One of the most prominent countries whose leaders could be described to follow opportunist principles is the Principality of Sabba in Tathland. Their demographics have forced them to adopt a more tolerant stance than other restorationists would accept, but in every other regard, they fit the criteria. Imperial law reigns supreme and while the previous prince still hoped to find the lost heirs to the Rahyamin throne, the new ruler, Idril Ei Asul, has abandoned their legitimist ways and instead dreams of his own dynasty’s greatness.   Over in the Sunless Paths, opportunism has recently taken root in the Lordship of Eqilidi. Nihair Kadalib, the ruler of the young realm, has announced his ambitions to challenge the Ahlaydabil Preservation Committee for dominance in the region. Although outnumbered, Kadalib has proven himself as a mastermind on the field of battle and his small but agile forces continue to outmanoeuvre their foes.
Lordship of Eqilidi
Organization | Dec 1, 2022
Principality of Sabba
Organization | Dec 13, 2022

The Principality of Sabba is a Remant country with a large Tathian population in southern Tathland under the leadership of an ambitious prince with dreams of greatness.


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2 Dec, 2022 19:16

I find myself more on the Opportunists side than the Legitimists, I think. I like that there are two main contenders.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
29 Dec, 2022 11:03

Do people who side with the Opportunists get any negative associations from outsiders (or their competitors) comparing the name "opportunists" with "thieves"?

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29 Dec, 2022 14:06

Yeah the name itself probably was something that opponents of the idea used but then the opportunists just went with it. Outsiders definitely view it inherently as something more greedy and selfish.

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