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Idril Ei Asul

Prince of Sabba

It feels humiliating to serve him just as how it had always felt humiliating to have a younger brother who despite his youth somehow always bested me in whatever we did. Perhaps one day I'll prove my worth as well, but for now I am but a faithful servant of Prince Idril of Sabba.
— Açal Ili Asul
  Idril Ei Asul is the monarch of the Principality of Sabba, a Remnant refuge in southern Tathland. He was chosen to rule over the realm by his father, Prince Madir Ehdaba Asul, even though he was the youngest of his siblings. Since ascending to the throne in 309 AU, Idril has made excellent use of his diplomatic prowess and secured enough agreements and alliances with neighbouring countries to protect his subjects from foreign aggression. His actions throughout his few years of being the Prince of Sabba have endeared him to all in his realm who require a sense of safety and stability.  

Early Life

The youngest of his father's children, Idril was born briefy after the downfall of the Rahyamin Empire and the birth of his father's new principality. He never knew the safety and stability of the old order that his father so highly praised and he didn't even see how it all came crumbling down. The loyalty that Madir had felt towards the House of Rahyamin was missing from birth and no amount of praise could heal the severed bond between him and the previous rulers of his people's civilisation.    

Sibling Rivalry

When Idril was still young, his brother, Açal Ili, was expected to succeed their father eventually, but as the years passed and Idril's skills developed, that eventuality had become uncertain. Açal felt frustrated. No matter how hard he tried to impress his family, his younger brother could always outperform him. Eventually Açal's fears actualised and Idril was proclaimed the designated heir.   Relations between the two siblings deteriorated after the announcement. Açal's teenage years were filled with self-doubt, bitterness, and resentment toward his father for choosing his brother over him. Despite his harsh feelings toward him, Idril tried his best to be kind and friendly towards his brother, seeing the good and honour within him and rejecting thoughts that his own brother would ever dare to go as far as to betray him and their family.


Idril was given an important choice when he had reached his twelfth birthday. His father presented him with two options: master the art of war or instead elect to follow a more subtle road and learn all there is to know of diplomacy, persuasion, and manipulation. Seeing as his brother, Açal, was already being tutored in warfare, he took up the pen instead.   He was tutored by Mihri of Kalaq, a woman from the far south whose reputation for conflict resolution had reached even the fridgid fringes of Pekkola. She was both kind, yet harsh at times, always making sure to praise the young man for his accomplishments, no matter how small they seemed, but she made sure to punish slothful behaviour and a lack of manners or dicipline. During those years Idril was often annoyed at Mihri, but as he grew older he began to appriciate her appraoch to mentoring.   Mihri mentored Idril until he was 20 years old when she deemed him knowledgeable enough and left for fresh adventures of her own, never to be heard from again.    

Grand Ambitions

It is widely known in Sabba and the rest of Tathland that Idril Ei Asul is a man with great dreams for himself and his family. Even before the death of his father and his ascension to the throne of the principality, various courts in the region were abuzz with speculation. There were many who feared that his aims were the conquest of Tathland and its people’s ultimate subjugation, but while on visits to such foreign courts with his father, he calmed the fears of those who saw him as a threat.   The various petty rulers of Tathland and their courtiers were right to fear him, of course. While he may have done an excellent job explaining to them that his sight was set on the south, his actual interests lie far closer to home.    

Recent Raids

In recent years, the Ceireds have become weary of the Principality of Sabba and their Remnant elite. Hellbent on seeking the vengeance that they so desire, raiders from several realms across Lithmark and Rieweck have sailed out to attack the principality’s merchants and anglers. A couple of villages have even been sacked and left in ashes as a result of such raids.   Idril has been doing what he can to turn this setback into an advantage. He has personally visited the courts of various nearby rulers across Tathland and denounced the Ceired attacks as a prelude to a larger full-scale invasion against all of Tathland.   Sabba is considered one of the weakest countries in all of Tathland by the Tathians themselves, and so the possibility that their land could fall to the Ceireds only to be then used as a staging ground for further invasions was a reasonable assumption that people could make. As he promulgated such fears, he embedded loyal diplomats and other agents in various Tathian courts, further growing his influence.

Dreams of an Empire

The Prince of Sabba held a feast recently with various foreign dignitaries, which he had opened with a bold statement. Standing before his throne as the guests had all found their seats and were eager to enjoy the food, he proudly announced his ambition to reforge the empire that had been lost which his father so dearly loved and that his dynasty would rule such a mighty state one day.   He had expected a strong reaction from the Tathian dignitaries who had already once witnessed life under the Rahyamin Empire, but they remained quiet. Idril once again ensured that Tathland would remain independent and free to choose its own path, claiming that growing up in the region and getting to know its people and their ways had made him feel fond of it and that he wished for it to remain untouched. After the feast, his diplomats and agents reported to him that most had scoffed at his proclamation, considering him and his principality too weak to achieve anything of great significance. If the Ceired problem persists for too long, some of the Tathian nations might instead seek to ally with the raiders to put a quick end to the prince’s ambitions.
Year of Birth
282 AU 29 Years old
Mehal , Tathland
Sharp, light brown
Dark short curly undercut
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark olive
1.78 m
84.7 kg
Principality of Sabba
Organization | Dec 13, 2022

The Principality of Sabba is a Remant country with a large Tathian population in southern Tathland under the leadership of an ambitious prince with dreams of greatness.

Generic article | Dec 2, 2022

Opportunism is a monarchist belief shared by some of the Remnant who believe that the Rahyamin Empire must be restored, but under the leadership of a new dynasty.


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