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Loyal to the House of Rahyamin

These pretenders, revolutionaries and opportunists who claim to want a return to our old order are nought but deceitful mallards. Ours is a cause most just. Even if were a hopeless endeavour, the path we have taken will lead to answers for us all.
— Bilafir Olgab, Vaja of Ahelaldi
  Legitimism is a belief shared by restorationists who seek not only to restore the Rahyamin Empire, but to find the legitimate heir to the throne. While many of those who want the empire restored believe that the old royal dynasty died out, the legitimists still hope that the missing claimants to the throne survived the civil war and that their blood still flows through someone worthy who could one day stand as the true monarch.  


No Ceired man can ever rest easy as long as there are still men and women out there who seek to destroy us. Those especially, who seek to put the blood of the old oppressors back upon a throne, ought to be sought out and put to an end.
— Ælfric the Bloody
  The Remnant are deeply divided in their beliefs regarding the future of their own people. While most of their forefathers would have once sworn undying loyalty to the House of Rahyamin, times have changed. The peoples' faith in the legitimist cause has wavered with each passing year. Without a known heir to support and rally behind, hope has all but died out.  

Last Bastion

One bastion of legitimism remains, however. Located in the heart of Bratayya, the March of Ahelaldi still swears loyalty to a leader yet to be found. Their resilience and faith draws in loyalists from beyond their borders, consolidating the strength of the legitimists under the same banner.

Cult of the Rahyamins

There is also the Order of Restorationists, a secretive cult that venerates members of the imperial family. Their existence is up for debate, however, as concrete evidence of them has been hard to come by and the evidence that does exist is disputed and considered somewhat unreliable.
Rahyamin flag by Mihkel Rand
March of Ahelaldi
Organization | Dec 8, 2021

The March of Ahelaldi is home to those who wish to see a return of the Rahyamins and their once-great empire

Order of Restorationists
Organization | Dec 9, 2020

The Order of Restorationists is a secretive organisation feared by many of the paranoid residents of Pekkola


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