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Basic Information


Glass Biology

Tisleys are completely encased within a shell made of flexible silica. Their long limbs are bilaterally symmetrical and grow out from a radially-symmetric, three-dimensional structure covered in pores, channels, ridges and spines. Every tisley has a minimum of 6 limbs: 3 or 4 of which they use for walking while the rest act to feel the environment around them; leaving burns as they do so.

Biological Traits

Partially Molten

It is not understood how, but tisleys are able to maintain a core temperature as that of a furnace.
— Clendenin, Iodex Researcher
Touching or grappling a tisley causes 2d6 fire damage at the start of the tisley's turn. It takes a DC 14 to escape the hold.
Glass Spit
Within a 10ft range, a target must succeed a DC 16 DEX saving throw or take 3d6+7 fire damage and continue to sustain 1d10 fire damage at the start of each of its turn, until doused.
Arm Swipe
Target takes 2d10+5 bludgeoning damage plus 6d6 fire damage and must succeed a DC 16 STR saving throw or be knocked prone.
Sheds a dim light in a 5ft radius

Ecology and Habitats


Tisleys, like any creature roaming the floors, are not native to them. They were adapted and transplanted from some alternative realm into this restrictive environment. Most tisleys tend to die when they grow too big to navigate the halls and corridors in Auberge. One 40ft walker was found dead; apparently stuck trying to pass between rooms.
It is reasonable to hypothesize a hot reality composed of a heavy metal atmosphere that many have taken to calling it Galen; in acknowledgment of the uncertainty in its estimation.
— Hayyumiono, curator of the 5th level



In the sprawling corridors, tisleys roam with a clumsy grace. Their translucent body reflecting the ambient light and casting kaleidoscopic patterns on the walls and floors. Its movements appear directionless, yet rhythmic in a way that mesmerizes passersby. With no eyes to see, the glass limbs reach out and touch everything in the labyrinthine hallways. It would pause occasionally, as if contemplating its surroundings, before continuing on its meandering way.

Additional Information


They emit wi-fi and charge electronic devices. Captive members of the species have been used by rogue groups as charger stations for common devices and to maintain spotty communications with Silver Key.  
When close to such a station, characters with mechanical components like talocin, cyborgs and droids are prone to gain an additional 5 hp and a +1 bonus on all skills, ability checks, attack rolls and saving throws that last for 24 hours, after which it automatically goes away, or until discharged.   This bonus cannot be higher than their CON bonus (min 1).
  This is not recommended due to the potential power-crashing effects during combat, whereby the PC must succeed a DC 10 WIS + 1/2 attacker's HD + attacker's CHA modifier or the bonuses go away.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Chihuly Glass Coating

A single tisley has many limbs of different colours (yellow, red, violet, green and white) that sharply stand out against Auberge's whitness.  
Whenever the tisley takes cold damage, its speed is reduced by 10ft and all its fire damage is reduced by half, until the next turn. It also takes 1 cold damage every time a gallon of water is splashed on it.   The tisley shatters when it reaches 0 hp. Anything within 5ft must make a DEX saving throw or take 2d8 piercing damage; half on a success.
  • If it is ever under an effect that requires a saving throw to take half damage, it instead takes no damage if it succeeds and only half if it fails
  • Tilseys do not sustain bludgeoning damage
  • Reflects half of the radiant damage (round down) inflicted on it to another target within 30ft
These things pop when they're submerged in water.
— Ono, mockery survivalist

Geographic Origin and Distribution


Auberge is the 5th level of the stratum floors composed of white winding walkways with pitch white rooms alternating along either side at equal distances.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Radar Location

Tisleys are able to discern the numbers and location of medium-size (or larger) targets within 15-500 ft. They emit low frequency radio waves that updates its internal map every 6 seconds or at the start of each turn. Except for when:
  • separated by 2.5 cm of wall
  • targets are dead or inanimate
  • within 100ft of jammers for 1d10 rounds

  • Alternative Name
    Glass Walkers

    Average Height
    4 - 15ft
    Average Length
    12ft Diameter
    Average Physique
    Tentacular Limbs
    Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
    Geographic Distribution
    20 (+5) 8 (-1) 20 (+5) 5 (-3) 5 6 (-2)
      Armour Class 20 (Natural Armor)
    HP: 26 ( 4d8+16 )
    Speed: 20 ft.
    Saving Throws: CON +8


    Author's Notes

    Unofficial fauna challenge
    Generic article | Jul 10, 2023

    Do you like animals? Do you like animals with weird colors? Come and join this fauna (and condition) challenge! [Finished]

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    Jun 22, 2023 11:05 by Catoblepon

    This is an interesting weird creature. Do they no age? Only grow in size till they eventually die? And about the wi-fi... what range does it reach? Could you find one of these creatures by following wi-fi? Do you need to enter the range surrounding the creature that makes you get burned?

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    Thanks for the badge.   They do age. The conceit is that they originated from some sort of hellscape, but were then teleported into a temporally confused region that is not conducive to their full size. So it is difficult to say how big they can actually get.   That's a good point about the wifi's range. I hadn't thought about that before. I suppose the Wi-Fi would only be utilized via a subdued tisley. One that's too tired, or close to dying, to spit out its fire.

    Jun 23, 2023 07:48 by Catoblepon

    I see! They are so cool

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    Love to code, but this one is driving me crazy!
    My world Shattered won as the "Most ground-breaking premise new world"!