Thu, Sep 8th 2022 02:19   Edited on Sun, Sep 11th 2022 07:29

September 2022 Week 1 Character Questions

  • What three words best describe your character's personality?
  • Name 3 things your character considers themselves to be very good at, and three things they consider themselves to be very bad at. Now, are their beliefs accurate to reality?
  • Thu, Sep 8th 2022 02:56

    1. Huey is best described as ambitious, sometimes to the point of self-destructive behavior; confident, and hedonistic.   2. Huey would say that he's very good at archery, survivalism from the standpoint of living the life of a "wild man" and not a doomsday prepper, and sex. He's good at all of these things, though the last one is entirely subjective. He's too much of an arrogant prick to admit to being bad at anything, but if he had to pick at least one thing, it would be monogamy. He has a wandering eye and gets bored easily, so I don't think he's ever had a proper, "successful" relationship.
    Sun, Sep 11th 2022 01:16

    Darcie is gregarious, honest, and practical.   He would say he's very good at swinging an axe, and he would be right. He also considers himself a strong friend and ally, and this isn't entirely inaccurate; he's wise and forthcoming, making him a great person to turn to for advice and feedback. His skills make him an asset to any team, and as cleric, he's naturally sociable and plays a supportive role. At the same time, his blunt feedback can occasionally sour others to him, and his sometimes cynical outlook may drag down morale. He also has a bad habit of "teaming up" with the majority in instances of teasing that can come off as bullying. He believes himself to be an exemplary cleric, and while his behavior doesn't necessarily model his goddess's to a T, his devotion is obvious through the power of his magic.   If pressed, he would say his weak points are acrobatics and flexibility - he's not very dexterous. He'd reluctantly admit that despite a hardy constitution, he doesn't hold his liquor well for a dwarf.
    Sun, Sep 11th 2022 03:43

    1) Fierce, headstrong, freewilled   2) Guns (eh, accurate enough), pirating (Yes), sneakery (yes). Math (not anymore), reading (Yes, she's not the best at it), critical thinking (she can be good at it, just chooses not to)
    Sun, Sep 11th 2022 06:25

    1, stubborn, chaotic, hedonistic   2. 3 things she would concider herself good at making good disguises, reading/manipulating people, and making the funnest partys the boat has ever been a part of things she would consider herself bad at kicking (practice makes perfect right) roleplaying (acting is different roleplaying is for nerds) and magical knowlage but whats the point of learning it when you can just do it
    Sun, Sep 11th 2022 07:29

    1st. I have recently discovered I am a ninja. (I am the best ninja so good even i didnt know) 2nd i can sleep in any conditions (enjoy a good nap maybe to often) 3rd I can be very intimidating at times due to seeing so many people nightmares.   1. Cant always take people seriously 2. To trusting of non humans early on 3. What are boundaries!! Everyone keeps trying to tell me about their personal space then when I go to check out their dreams to understand more they get upset.