Blood Suckers

The blood suckers are an all-female street gang near Abrastien that deals primarily with protection and sex work. Many among the gang consider themselves to be "willing vampires", choosing to consume flesh and drink the raw blood of their humanoid victims not out of necessity, but choice.


The leader of the Blood Suckers. She makes the calls for all gang-related activity and its course of action. She settles intra-gang disputes, chooses turf, and gives orders to other gang members regarding business.

A group of people who act as trusted advisors and right-hand men to the mother, these ladies are involved with and know all the details of her plots. They might do scouting for her and bring in information she may have overlooked.

Not necessarily decided by seniority, elders are entrusted with handling the most critical and dangerous of tasks and missions. Elders tend to include hitmen, spies, and other such important jobs within the gang.

Normal gang members, sex workers, drug runners, etc. Have the smallest amount of power and sway within the gang.

Predators before prey

[Pictured above: A graffiti symbol commonly used by members of the Blood Suckers to mark turf.]
Illicit, Gang
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