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The Titus Proclamation

The Titus Annoucement remains, in Setican history, the most famous and notorious announcement made on the continent in its brief history of Independence. On Temnas 6th, 1743, Titus Setan the First made the proclamation in Riabella that the Aedrian Empire had successfully retreated. As he announced this, Maj. Gen. Hadrian Cormack led his defeated and wounded "First Colonial Army" aboard their ships. Some claim that he waited till the speechw as over before leaving, while others claim that he left during.The Speech was given in Riabella's Charred Square, which was in ruins following the Third Battle of Riabella, where most of it was destroyed by Dwarven batteries and artillery. The speech signaled the end of the war but also the beginning where Titus the First officially claimed that the nation was free from oppression.This announcement was followed by various members of the army declaring that they would begin the lengthy process of creating a new government, one that would not be made official until 1745 and enacted fully until 1748. What was notable about the Titus Speech was that Titus had made the claim that he did not want to be the nations emperor and made plans to raise his family in Southern Setica, but was promptly taken by the Setican Militia and asked to take part in the formation along with their Old World Allies. After the two years, Titus was would be named the official emperor of Setica and slowly create a new government from his election.The speech was the first time that the Aedrian Empire ever recognized that it officially lost a war, and would remain the only case of this occurring as the Aedrian Empire would go to colonize the Lost Continent of Eros and eventually expand further on the mainland of the Old World over the coming decades to strength its fortified hold on the continent.
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