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Blood Cactus

Blood Cactus are a strange type of cactus typically found within the vast and expansive Matanza Desert. Unlike typical cactuses found in the Steppes and Deserts of the Old World, Blood Cactus' can be recognized by two distinct features. One is that large, rounded ball shape that it typically takes. This shape slowly grows as more and more water is stored inside of it and can grow to a maximum of over 8 feet in size. Their large needles make them dangerous to meet or touch, however their skin and flesh are relatively soft and easy to break with a sharp object. The second notable feature is the water stored inside. You see, Blood Cactuses store water inside them but also produce a natural bacterial nutrient that mixes with the water and gives it a dark, blood red color. These bacterial nutrients are extremely healthy, being used to things like healing salves used by Priests, as well as the Greater and Superior Healing potions, which were considered theoretical until the settlement of Setica.These Cactuses normally grow in large patches of desert sand in one singular garden-like root system. One cactus system can hold up to 20 to 25 of these small cactii bulbs and can store hundreds of gallons of water, earning them the nickname "Oasis Plants". Those their skin is soft, piercing it does not kill them as long as one does not drain all of the interior water. Many people travelling and seeing these plants will pierce above the half-way mark and slowly gather the dripping water from the plant to fill canteens. Even unprocessed, the blood-red waters of these plants hold enough nutrients to reinvigorate the drinker and even give them a boost in energy. However, it is noted that, while unprocessed, the user can become lathargic following their energy boost and can fall into a coma-like sleep for several hours to several days.


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Aug 2, 2023 06:39 by Deleyna Marr

That sounds dangerous to drink! I'd love to see some "creative paragraphing" in this to break it up for easier reading. Delightful concept.

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