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Mae Soo-Kyung

The Immortal Eel

Soo-Kyung Mae

Mae Soo-Kyung (매수경) is the current leader of the Dragon Koi since 2091 and a former member of the Dragon Warrior. She is considered to be a fearless leader who won't let anything slide and won't give up on her family.  


Mae was born in Paris to two Korean parents, Mae Chihu and Cho So-Hee. Both were members of the Dragon Koi and died when she was only 5 years old. She was adopted by , the leader of the Dragon Koi. She grew up among all the members of the gang. At the age of 12, she officially joined the Dragon Koi Gang and was trained in the different fighting techniques of the gang ( unarmed), sword fighting and shooting. She quickly became a powerful element despite her age and participated in her first armed mission in 2065, during which she committed her first assassination.   At the age of 18, she joined the Dragon Warrior, the youngest person to join the elite troops of the Dragon Koi. She specializes in infiltration, a discipline in which she excels. She lives only for the gang and to protect her adoptive father, the leader of the Dagon Koi. During her 23 years with the Dragon Warriors, she murdered more than 250 people, all for the sole purpose of protecting the gang. On March 3, 2091, was supposed to meet a contact but the Misérables fell upon them. The dragon warriors who were supposed to protect were all killed in less than 2 minutes, their leader was also murdered and Mae was left for dead at the scene of the massacre. She keeps a big scar on her cheek but above all a huge hatred against the Misérables. During the following month, she becomes the new leader of the Dragon Koi and announces an open war against the Misérables.
Immortal Eel
Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Date of Birth
September 22, 2050
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations
Distinctive Features
Scar on the right cheek

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