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Dragon Shrine

The Dragon Shrine is the largest religious complex in the 13th Arrondissement of Paris. It hosts several Buddhist, Confucian, Taoist and Shinto temples. The temple is also known to be the lair of the Dragon Koi, the biggest gang of the 13th.  

The Dragon Koi's Lair

During the construction of the complex, the Dragon Koi, who largely financed the project, took the opportunity to build in the basement of the complex. The basement and the whole complex are protected by the Dragon Koi and managed by the leader of the Dragon Warrior.   Law enforcement agencies consider this area to be "at risk". The Dragon Koi do not tolerate police disturbance in the spiritual areas, and this is the only area that is solely under the control of the Dragon Koi. It is difficult for law enforcement to estimate the size of these basements and have evidence to conduct raids. In addition, even with the GIGN and RAID, the area would be difficult to capture, there are too many bottlenecks and hiding places unknown to the police.  

List of Temples

Spread over more than 30,000 m², the complex hosts around fifty temples and shrines. Most of these temples are dedicated to dragons or to spirits associated with dragons. The four most famous temples of the complex are :  
  • Wat Samphran (วัดสามพราน) : Buddhist temple inspired by the eponymous temple of Thailand.
  • Seitenkyū (聖天宮) : Taoist temple dedicated to the legendary green dragon.
  • Go Ryū Jinja (五龍神社) : Five smaller shrines dedicated to the five dragon elementals.
  • Paris Munmyo (문묘) : Confucian temple inspired by the temple of Seoul.
Founding Date
Temple / Religious complex
Parent Location
Owning Organization
13th Arrondissement

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