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Terran Systems

Did you know? Terran Systems, humanity's top-rated company in Citizen Satisfaction, now synonymous with fields of electronics, bioengineering, and interstellar transit, actually began as a paramilitary force for hire!   Today, all Jump Points are owned and operated exclusively by Systems. Now Terran Systems is seen as the first line of defense and dispute resolution among the numerous Terran colonies, although its services extend to include transportation, trade, mining, pharmaceuticals, and many other commercial projects.   Abbreviated verbally as "Systems," its logo is easily recognized as the letters “TS” superimposed over an icon of The Wheel, symbolizing humanity's greatest accomplishment, and proof of what we are capable of if we all work together.   Systems capital ships tend to be large, and are generally some combination of military and civilian, meaning that nearly all Systems spacecraft can exchange crew and passengers among them regularly and efficiently.


As a corporation, Systems is run by a single CEO, Zab Kefler, with dozens of Presidents and Vice-Presidents covering each department on each planet. For example, one job title might be Vice-President of Interstellar Transit, Temar System. The CEO and staff are overseen by a Board of Directors. The diverse and educated Board consists of some of humanity's greatest innovators and most successful capitalists, and a seat on Systems' board of just 43 individuals is considered among the highest honors that can be bestowed.

Public Agenda

The betterment of humanity through technology, security, and exploration.


Terran Systems owns spaceports and colonies on every system throughout humanity's 13 systems. They have multiple companies operating to innovate nearly every aspect of Terran society, and are by far the largest and most powerful corporation in Terran history. They are also responsible for this comprehensive and free encyclopedia you are currently reading.


During and after WWV, Systems interceded to help bring about a cessation of hostilities in the absence of proper governmental or corporate oversight. Systems dealt with administering sanctions to the two corps - Traxis, and Ulysses Technologies - who were deemed to be primarily responsible. As reparations came in, Systems ensured they reached the victims of the war and their families whenever possible. Meanwhile, in the interest of public safety, and to prevent such a horrible tragedy from ever befalling humanity again, Systems gradually expanded its police force to the Colonies, and to the Wheel. Gradually, as their stock rose and other corps failed to prosper, Systems took over levying taxes in exchange for military and police protection of larger and larger swaths of humanity. Systems led the expansion of humanity to the stars, and built a majority of its Jump Points.
Founding Date
Corporation, Conglomerate
Alternative Names
Systems, TS
Controlled Territories

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