Are Ginger Paradiso LLC attempting to go down the "Red Bull Road"?

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Rumours are always rumours and they are to be handled with that in mind; carefully and with a sense of resposibility. Usually not suitable for print. But when too many arrows point in the same direction, we feel obliged to treat a rumour like the truth, even without official statements. And you, our beloved readers, you deserve the truth.

The news that Paradiso will be getting their own football league cannot have passed anyone unnoticed. The kind of joy and community spirit this has sparked in many a town and village hasn't been seen for very long. People are coming together to found local football clubs with the hopes of one day reaching the top levels of Paradisian football. They are working together, building the clubs from the ground up, with honest work and love of football as the foundation. However, this is apparently not the case in all towns.

On Ginger Island, the building process seem to have been given an unfair head start, and if the rumours are true, this is just the beginning. Most of you are asking yourself the same question right now.

Why should I care about Ginger Island?

If you are one of the people asking this question, then you are most likely also part of the majority of Paradisians who cannot tell Ginger Island apart from the other islands in the archipelago to the South of Joya del Mar. But you are very familiar with Ginger Paradiso LLC, one of the biggest ginger producers in all of the Caribbean, and this is where the story is turning dark.

Ginger Paradiso LLC have promised financial backing to the recently formedĀ Ginger Island FC. And, on the surface, this is no different to many other towns, where local businesses big and small, have joined forces with or played an important part in the founding of the local football club. But based on a recording sent to us by an anonymous source with close links to the club, there's more than meets the eye here.

"I look to sign the best players and to create a network of the best clubs from around the world. Just like Red Bull and City Football group. Soon the world will wear the colors of Ginger!"
Sound recording, sent in by unknown
The quote above is just one of many, that outlines a plan that sounds a lot like an evil plan to take over the world. There is no question, at least for me, that this voice belongs to Ginger Island FC owner Aleris Gamer. And yes, it's the same Aleris Gamer that won the first season of Survivor: Isla Paradiso. And yes, it's the same Aleris Gamer that killed the camp chicken with his bare hands on TV and then peed on the last remaining ration of rice, laughing. Imagine what this man could do at the helm of a football club, if you dare! I don't. Hopefully this article will scare him off his evil plans, but I have a feeling this is not the last we'll hear of this!

-Calista Marques for Paradiso: Uncovered
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