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Floor 1: The Isle

The Isle is home to a variety of races of people. With traveling on land being extremely dangerous, most folk take to sailing small sloops around the landmass as a safer alternative. While there is evidence of an old ruin, that implies at one time the people of the land warred with one another, in the current times there is peace throughout the land as far back as anyone can seem to remember. People unite in their struggle to make a life out of the harsh and deadly landscape.  


  • - Human
  • - Dwarf
  • - Elf
  • - Halfling
  • - Goliath
  • - Tabaxi (variant)



Sitting in an infinite sea lies a grassland filled isle, with mostly flat lands until breaking up into hills toward the east.   A dense forest takes up the southern half of the isle.

Natural Resources

Wood from the forest, stone quarries, hunting grounds, fishing, grains from the fields, etc.
Alternative Name(s)
The grasslands, open plains, the world, home
Included Locations

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