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Hassan Dak

I will never forget the thunderous sound of their hooves, nor the horrific howls and whoops that accompanied them. My nightmares are forever filled with that sound, that and the sinking dread and absolute fear that comes with it
— Lucky survivor of a Hassan Dak charge

There are few things on Paneus said to be more terrifying than the sight and sound of a hundred Hassan Dak bearing down upon you. Used as shock troops by the Centaur Legions, these berserkers are more animal than people. Induced into a mindless rage just before combat, they attack without mercy or thought, their bloodthirsty blades driving them to slaughter.


Blade Bound

Each Hassan Dak wields a cursed blade, to which they are eternally bound. The blades desire blood and drive their wielders into a bloodthirsty rage. Whilst in this rage a Hassan Dak has no thought other than to sate his blades appetite, the blade in return allows it's wielder to ignore pain and all but the most grievous of wounds. The blades are difficult and time consuming to make and the binding is not always successful, sometimes resulting in the death of the wielder.  


The Hassan Dak serve two purposes; to break enemy formations and to induce fear and panic. Their blood curdling cries and fearsome appearance have been known to break even the most seasoned warrior's composure. Highly mobile and able to ignore pain, they excel at punching through enemy lines and cutting down everything in their path. They are the first troops sent into towns and cities once the defences have been breached. One or two hundred bloodthirsty Hassan Dak rampaging through the streets, slaughtering everything in sight has brought many a quick surrender.
by Andy Park
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