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Great Sandworms

Basic Information


Long tube like creatures, Sandworms can grow up to 60ft in length and 10ft in diameter. They have tough segmented carapaces on their top surface and muscular frills/flaps along their lower surface which propel them along the sandy dunes.

Genetics and Reproduction

The sandworms are hermaphrodites and can self fertilize, though this is very rare. Usually a mating pair of sandworms will fertilize each others eggs, the worms will then form a nest and lay their fertillized eggs. Gestation period is 3 months, then the larvae hatch.

Growth Rate & Stages

The larvae go through a series of growth spurts over the next 6 months, shedding their carapce at each stage, with a tougher carapace underneath. After 6 months their parent takes them out into the dunes for the first time. Over the next year, while the young worm reaches maturity, they will not stray too far from the hatching grounds. Sandworms reach their full size at 3 years old.

Ecology and Habitats

Sandworms inhabit the vast desert regions of the south west continent. They spend most of their time out in the dunes, moving closer to the mountains to breed and raise young.

Additional Information


The desert tribes of Ahiria have formed a bond with the sandworms over the long years they have co-inhabited the desert, They protect the sandworms nesting sites and also tend and look after the sick or injured. In return the sandworms act as modes of transport for the tribes across the dunes, as they go to trade with the plains folk.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They live solely in the deserts of Ahiria.

Average Intelligence

They have the intelligence of your average camel.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Three groups of compound eyes on the Sandworm's head give it a wide field of view across the desert. It can also sense vibrations through the sand via its frills.
Conservation Status
The Great Sandworms are protected by the clans of the desert folk. They set up guarding stations around nesting sites and harshly punish anyone caught killing the Sandworms or stealing their larvae.
Average Height
10 ft
Average Length
60 ft
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