Goresh Ivarstone

Early years

Born the son of naval merchants, Goresh spent most of his childhood at sea. When he got to his early teens his parents sent him to serve his time in the merchants guild, as all aspiring merchants must do in order to become part of the guild. During his third and final year, rumours of an increase in attacks by the Pyrats of the Vhogal Islands began to reach him. Later that year he received word that the convoy his parents were sailing with had been attacked. Of the six ships in the convoy, only two made it back, his parents did not. None of the survivors could tell him whether his parents had been killed or captured - it had all happened so fast and they were barely able to escape themselves.

On the rise

Not long after, the royal military began recruiting skilled sailors in a bid to launch an offensive against the islands and quash the Pyrat uprising. Goresh signed straight up and for the next two years sailed with the royal fleet as they worked to subdue the islands. He quickly made a name for himself and after six months made it to first mate, within the year he was a captain of his own vessel. An intelligent man, and driven by a desire to avenge his parents and make the seas relatively safe again, he quickly learned his enemies strengths and weaknesses, and developed tactics to suit, to devastating effect.

Military fame

Once the threat had been eliminated, Goresh found he had no desire to go back to being a merchant and signed up full time with the military. He served for a further ten years both at sea and on land gaining even more renown as a skilled warrior and tactician. He worked mostly with specialist units, who's job it was to deal with unique threats - rooting out cults, dealing with monsters, eliminating rogue wizards etc. It was on one of these missions that he met Shai an orc captain of great prowess, the two became firm friends.  

Mercenary life

During his last year in the military the kingdoms ruler-ship changed and the old king's daughter took power. She was less military minded than her father and over the course of her first year on the throne disbanded many of the military units in order to raise money for public works. Out of work, Goresh was unsure what do with himself, when he was approached by shai. She had left the military a couple years before and had set up a mercenary group, which Goresh had originally turned down joining as he was happy in the military at the time. This time however, with the offer laid before him again, he accepted and has been a member of the Red Kites ever since.
Presented Sex
Gender Identity
Long, black braids
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Darkly tanned
5" 10'
162 lbs


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