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A threshold is a doorway or window to your home, neither inside nor outside, but in-between. They bridge the gap between two worlds, like a cave, seashore, cliff, or edge of a forest. Spirits and energy can get stuck and collect in these in-between places. When charged with intention they also protect us.   A home threshold is a barrier of pure vita around the home. It functions as an intangible and invisible field of energy surrounding said home and keeps out unwanted or harmful vital forces. Unless invited in, some beings can't cross a threshold at all. It may be impossible, require great effort, or come at a cost for vita filled beings. The stronger the vita infusing the being, the greater effect the threshold has on them. The vital qualities of a home and its threshold exist only around mortal homes.  


While not every living space qualifies as a home, every home has a threshold. They come with great variations in strength. The manner of habitation determines the existence and strength of a threshold. A home has to have a history, family, emotions worked into the very foundation. Places that feel like a home are stronger than those which are merely a place to live. Family homes are stronger than single households. Older homes and longtime or ancestral homes are usually very strong. They have a history of their own. Whereas transitory living spaces are weaker. Places that are not homes, like public buildings, taverns and inns, offices, and the like, do not have a threshold.  


Crossing a threshold, or even the intent to do so, is a meaningful act. Both the barrier itself and the being attempting to cross influence the situation. When invited in by the inhabitant or owner, the invited person can enter unaffected. Even attempting to cross uninvited has repercussions or could be impossible. Crossing a threshold uninvited strips the crossing being of much of their collected vita.   Ordinary humans can cross a threshold without invitation or harm coming to them, but their passage still has an effect. Many visitors entering a home in a short period of time can weaken the barrier, especially if they are uninvited. Humans who have empowered their vita points are subject to the same rules as other vital beings.
Metaphysical, Supernatural


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