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The study of the third eye vita point, air ojo, and its use is called psychokinesis. The patron of this field of study is the elemental sylph. Opening this point gains the practitioner an ability known as telekinesis, empowering it allows for the use of telepathy. Concentrating its power allows one to harness empathy. And elevating it grants the ability of premonition. Like all other manner of stitching this field is subdivided into multiple levels of difficulty.  


Comprising the lowest levels of difficulty, these patches involve reaching out with the mind and will to move objects or otherwise affect the physical world. These patches include force hand to reach out to the world, force aura to blanket oneself, force shield to blanket another, and force field to perceive the immediate surroundings. They can be further enhanced by increasing mass, range, and density.  


Making up the majority of the middle levels of difficulty, these patches involve skimming surface thoughts, projecting thoughts, shielding minds, and manipulating thoughts. These can be enhanced by increasing range, depth, focus, and control.  


Forming the remaining middle levels and beginning the higher levels, these patches allow for the sensing of and affecting the emotional state of others. Further enhanced by increasing range and intensity. The entire spectrum of human emotion is at play from annoyed to interested, serene, accepting, apprehensive, distracted, pensive, and bored.  


These higher-level patches are few in number but great in effect. Correct usage can gain knowledge of the past, present, and even future. Further enhanced by increasing clarity.


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