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The rarest of bloodline abilities amongst the Aeonian was to see the vita itself, and the true names of creatures, those who possessed it could see the way verdure and beasts performed their abilities and mimicked it. Learning to open the root point. During the first invasion of Bra Krig the Aeonian summoners shared the secrets of these bestial skills with their warrior retinues. By the second invasion they had evolved it into martial skills.   The study of the root point, body ojo, and its uses, called metamorphosis, soon developed. The patron of this field is the construct. Opening this point gains the practitioner enhanced physical abilities, empowering it increases physical senses and perceptions. Concentrating its power allows one to affect their physical form. And elevating it grants the ability to duplicate oneself.   This is the most commonly used school of stitching. Martial ability users are, in effect, students of this school. They open this ojo through training and meditation, much as the sartrix do. The capabilities affected via its use are strength, endurance, speed, agility, dexterity, balance, coordination and accuracy, and stamina.   At middle levels, these patches can affect sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing, and extra sensory perceptions. Giving oneself a boost, expanding it in an aura to affect others, and targeting a specific person. They can even increase focus or instill calm. Higher-level patches include stretching limbs, armoring or thinning skin, flexibility changes, and other such physical transformations.   The greatest warriors in the land have mastered the basic, and even medium, uses of this ojo beyond any other. They've created entire combat systems around it. Each with their own unique qualities.¬†Resistance to not notice damage, Unkillable to temporarily survive any damage, or Rebound to equally damage your attacker are all skills used by these warriors.


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