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The study of the plexus point, earth ojo, and its uses is called manifestation. The patron of this field is the elemental pygmy. Opening this point gains the practitioner an aura that can attract or repel a physical pattern of the weave, empowering it allows for the attraction or repulsion of mental patterns. Concentrating its power allows one to conjure a physical representation of those patterns. And elevating it grants the ability to imbue oneself or another with the patterns.  


Some patterns that can be formed are for intentions, intelligence, vita levels, or health; both good and bad. Specific emotional states, of which there are thirty-two specified, can also be affected. At higher levels specific types of beings can be affected. From lesser, greater, and superior beasts to minor and major verdure, even high or low acari can be targeted. At the highest levels even vital and spiritual beings can be affected.  


Possible conjured patterns include those of the auras and several more, even using the aura like armor. Things such as mist or fog can manifest, from dense, to poisonous, necrotic, acidic, or incendiary. Webbing or other physical obstructions can also be brought to life with similar effects.


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