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The study of the throat point, fire ojo, and its uses is called evocation. The patron of this field is the elemental salamander. Opening this point gains the practitioner primary elemental abilities, empowering it grants access to one's secondary element. Concentrating its power allows one to blend their elements together. And elevating it grants the ability to advance their primary element to its purest form.   When a person opens this ojo their patches take on the properties of their primary element. It will be one of either earth, water, fire, or air. Depending on the circumstances of their birth. This allows them to create patches such as elemental hand, shield, wall, shot, dome, wave, lance, and cone. All with progressive difficulty. Empowering their ojo reveals to them their secondary element. Again, from the list.    Concentrating vita into their ojo allows them to create their tertiary element. A mix of the primary and secondary. Earth and water make wood, with fire it makes magma, and with air it makes sand. Water and fire make acid and makes ice with air. Fire and air combine to make thunder. Elevating the elements to their purest forms turns earth to metal, water to cloud, fire to abyss, and air to light.  
Earth Water Fire Air
Earth Metal Wood Magma Sand
Water Wood Cloud Acid Ice
Fire Magma Acid Abyss Thunder
Air Sand Ice Thunder Light
  These patches can be further enhanced, and subsequently increase level of difficulty, by increasing mass, condensing its vita to pierce defenses, blunting impact to push targets back, spreading the effect to multiple evocations, and packing in an area of effect concussive blast.


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