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The study of the sacral point, mind ojo, and its uses is called compulsion. The patron of this field is the sprite. Opening this point gains the practitioner hallucinatory abilities over the physical senses, empowering it allows the user to affect the mind. Concentrating its power allows one to affect the spiritual form. And elevating it grants the ability to dominate another.   Hallucinatory abilities include forcing others to laugh, sneeze uncontrollably, mesmerize them, stumble, pleasure or hurt them, blur their vision or blind them, hear echoes, deafen them, or place shadows or spots over their vision. Any number of imaginary effects can be placed onto the body and its senses.   Enchanting abilities include bestowing a feeling of unease, sleepiness, stunned, madness, forgetfulness, enfeebled, paranoia, or terrorized nightmares. There are many ways to affect the mental faculties of another.    Enthralling abilities affect a living spirit and include anchoring said spirit or binding it, bending their will, linking to their vita, syphoning vita, or outright draining it. This only works on the spirits of living beings.


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