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Colacho Myth

As the long night approached, the evening star rose, and from the hunters' dog a thunderous bark arose. The clouds swirled and split, the celestial serpent descended, the colors of the rainbow painted the sky, and the shepherd was upended. The visage of a sage, bearded and clad in a robe, his red eyes peered from the darkness, upon the earth he now strode.   Accompanied by the great hounds of darkness, their leashes from their collars did dangle, about his waste the serpent was wrapped, down his leg in a tangle. Bearing fruit that brought the wisdom of ages, the greatest gift he brought was that of knowledge, and with it he founded the first colleges.   Among the lessons was the study of stars, every celestial body from the meek to the great, is deserving of a ritual to venerate. Many crafts and trades were taught, from the binding of books to the rolling of a scroll, to the mixing of silver and gold. The names of those who should be followed, how to reach the other side, and to wait for the day that they would arrive.   As the long night ended, the morning star took to the sky, the storm clouds thundered on high. The sage boarded his ship, made from a host of serpents, their scales reflecting the crash of lightning as he said, "I am but your servant." Into the clouds he ascended, to the east he would go, leaving behind three seeds to be planted, that future generations may know.

The first stanza tells of the creation of the world in fire and thunder, and how the meek rose to become mighty. The second stanza tells of the battle with the serpent. After which, knowledge was spread to the masses. The next stanza covers the important duties of the priest. And the last stanza references the storm that brought the flood, and the new world that came next. Ruled by the three classes of men.   Though the followers of the Colacho do not view it that way.


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