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The study of the crown point, soul ojo, and its uses is called astrology. The patron of this field is the spiritual essence. Opening this point gains the practitioner touch astral abilities, empowering it allows the physical senses and perceptions to traverse the dream. Concentrating its power allows one to project their spiritual form beyond the physical. And elevating it grants the ability to physically ascend to another plane of existence.   With the astral touch ability opened one can detect spirits, sprites, lares, and other vital beings. Even vita itself can be sensed. With higher levels one can physically touch the astral beings and form the energy into constructs. Common uses include astral slash, spirit hammer, and the like.    For those who gain the power to use the dream as a vehicle to enter the astral plane a slew of new abilities awaits. Through focus and concentration, they can change their voice, face, wardrobe, and even take a wholly new form while in vosculhu. They can cross the landscape in a single step and even fly high above it. Their capabilities are limited only by their imagination and understanding. For those able to concentrate this power, their astral form can project into the waking world. While in astral form they interact with other such beings in the same manner as they do each other. And with this world as they do. They can possess another body, appear visible to mortals, and force their will upon the world. Animals of all types, though especially cats and dogs, can see them in their astral forms.


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