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The study of the heart point, water ojo, and its uses is called abjuration. The patron of this field is the elemental undine. Opening this point gains the practitioner the ability to perform minor physical healing, empowering it allows for healing of the mind. Concentrating its power allows one to affect the spiritual form. And elevating it grants the ability to nullify vita all together.  


Minor injuries can be dealt with by opening this ojo, but only in others. One cannot heal themselves. Individual patches are stitched such as mend bones, knit muscle, and seal flesh. At higher levels it can remove effects such as blurred or double vision, blindness, deafness, and headaches. And at the most advanced levels it can repair organs. Heart, lungs, stomach, liver, brain, nerves, arteries, and veins can all be targeted. One must be careful in healing properly. If a bone is mended without first being set, it'll fuse in that position. Leading to more pain in the future. Healing cannot replenish lost blood, so stopping the bleeding is always a top priority. This subdivision contains the majority of the patches in abjuration.  


Mental faculties can be buffed with added focus and concentration, increased thought processing, enhanced memory, and speed of thought. One can calm the mind, daze it, stun it, freeze it, put it to sleep, awaken it again, and protect it from further vital action. These patches can be used on others and on oneself. By concentrating the vita one can further extend these patches to affect the emotional and the spiritual. It is through this method that exorcisms of troubled spirits are conducted. One can cleanse the body's vita, expel a spirit or effect, anchor or ward against vital beings. Taken to the most elevated extreme, even the vita flow can be calmed and completely stopped. Thus, nullifying any and all vita related phenomena.


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