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Tam- Brooklyn Newsie

Eleanora Violeta Avalonia (a.k.a. Tam)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Based on Josephine Beck but even more awesome. Ran away from her home in Newark, New Jersey, stole her brother and father's clothes and chopped off her hair and went to be a newsie in Manhattan. Mush is the first one she meets and they are instantly really good friends. She has a crush on Jack Kelly for like a week but then realizes how fuckin dumb he is and moved on. She stayed in Manhattan for a couple weeks and then the Delancy brothers found out she was a girl and harassed the shit out of her. Race called in a favor from Spot and they transferred her to Brooklyn and basically she and Race are the only two Newsies with immunity in both Manhattan and Brooklyn but Tam stays in Brooklyn and rarely goes to Manhattan while Race is Manhattan but is in Brooklyn like half the time and does Not have total immunity in Brooklyn like Tam does. She's a Brooklyn girl through and through and has friends in Manhattan and Race has a leg on both sides of the bridge. But yeah, she's the love of my life basically.


She was in school up until she ran away from home.


Contacts & Relations

She's good friends with blue, sling, spot, race, random Manhattan newsies but she's best fucking friends with Mush Meyers. Like Best Friends. Her first week in Brooklyn she's still trying to find a selling spot, Spot offered to help her out but she insisted that she was going to find one herself and Spot immediately respects her so much more for it. She passes by a flower shop and spots the love of her life, Annie Beldell.

Current Location
Year of Birth
1885 CE 19 Years old
Newark, New Jersey
Current Residence
Light gray/ green
Short, straight, brown
120 lbs
Known Languages
Can speak some Italian (talks shit with Race).
Character Prototype
Alexis G Zall

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