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Zorrros is one of the most notorious members of the heroic profession in this day and age. Originally from Teliseo, he now works out of Varios because they are the only ones who tolerate his consistent arrogant ineptitude. He was nicknamed “bullhead” because there are cows that are smarter than he is. Everyone, including his fellow heroes and his own brother, think he’s an idiot. His reputation is bad enough that even amongst the most tolerant of the other heroes he is reviled.   In spite of his longterm incompetence, he is still a licensed, active Hero. He still has fans. He still has people who actually believe he has done good things for them, and some of them are quite intelligent, thinking people.   His long-term girlfriend is Lusianana, also originally from Teliseo. She was a reasonably skilled heroine before abandoning that career to become Zorrros’ full-time love interest. His younger brother Torrros is the practical one of the family. Time and again his superior planning skills have allowed Zorrros to emerge victorious or even simply emerge alive from his scheming. Zorrros is also known to partner with Shrubber, a wizard originally from Teliseo. Having faced Shrubber myself, I feel I must put to rest the rumors of his supposed senility. He is just that crazy. Age and mental degradation have nothing to do with it.   In spite of his many, many, many flaws, Zorrros possesses one singular trait that makes him what can be defined as a hero: a kind of magnetic personality that people follow, sometimes without question, most often irrationally. It is the only reason I can imagine that he has survived in his chosen profession for this long. Because, yes, he is that stupid.


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