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The country of Prazigal has a number of languages used formally, typically meant to be shouted at one's foes across a broad battlefield. There are not a lot of unifying factors to the languages, but over time a dictionary of sorts has come together from the various dialects into the idiomatic language Pragallic.  

Common Themes

  Themes of fire and violence are prevalent between the languages, and so the phrases, idioms, and jokes that appear throughout Pragallic tend to feature these heavily. Not all of these translate properly, since there are several words for fire, and the majority do not make sense unless you have a fair knowledge of Prazigallic military history.   There is also a marked disdain for ice, safety procedures, and some of the more stereotypical heroic attributes (such as making assumptions and having long discussions on morality).   Even with these limitations, a number of the more common phrases have been translated into the common tongue, and I have included a few here.  

A Brief Lexicon of Idioms

  (These are, of course, translated into common for easier perusal.)   Smite the salamander; meaning to turn on one's own, an expression of treachery.   It's not over until the boom; needs no explanation, they use a lot of explosives in Prazigal.   Take the hit out of it; an adaptation of the language coming from the fact that "hit" in Pridu means "holy." So contrary to what this phrase might mean otherwise, in Prazigal it means to leave religion out of something.   Time to fire the goat; a reference to a particularly unusual strategy from the 1600s. History assures us that no goats were harmed, but the phrase does tend to indicate that someone is about to lay down a surprising but overwhelming strategy for which there is no preparing.   Ice pusher; an insult, typically employed against inhabitants of Ember Hollow, but used in a more general sense against most rural bureaucrats.

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