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Leodegan Morford

And all she really did was take a job where the planned heist ended up shifting into taking down some fortress in Gorathia and a whole thing with an artifact, and she stuck with it even when it became very clear that she wasn’t going to get paid for it.   What was she supposed to do? Quitting like that would have looked bad. Besides, Leo was a friend of hers. And the world would have ended if they’d failed. And it had been a prime opportunity to imitate her dad, who had been a Hero himself at one point. And…
— @glenna
    Leodegan Morford is not a typical hero of this world, even considering what kinds of people come out of Varios. He does not even fit the stereotype of antihero because he has never once been remotely accused of being a Hero of any kind. He is a hero, not a Hero, and the distinction is an important one.   There are dozens, even hundreds of Heroes in this world. There are a few who manage to do good work. But out of all the people in this world, “good” and “evil” alike produce true heroes. Those who step beyond themselves and act to protect this world and the people in it. Leodegan, whether he likes it or not, is such a person. And he should be honored that I call him such, since my list of heroes is quite limited. Adam Winslow is one. Fudail O’Grady is another. Glenna Stormraven is still another. And Waller Blackbourn, though he would be surprised to hear it, is the last.   His catch phrase is “Not this again.” Indeed, a high number of repeated and negative events happened around him. This includes four times in which his attempt to muster an invasion ended with the majority of his forces dying mysteriously overnight.   Leodegan, Leo for short, began his life’s career as a conman, became entangled with a mysterious artifact and wound up exchanging a self-centered, selfish quest for one that saved the world and cost him his own on multiple occasions. Of course, with the nature of the artifact being what it was, this was never permanent, but I am informed it was quite painful and the last time almost took. It takes someone of remarkable courage to face death more than once, even with the promise of a resurrection device in the offing.


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