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Elijah Burner

He was born Elijah Burner, but legally changed his name to Warm-blooded Heroic Type once he achieved some notoriety. At his own suggestion, he goes by Warmie. In case anyone reading this has already heard some of the rumors, yes, he did in fact crawl through miles of ventilations shafts in an ill-conceived attempt to rescue a princess who did not care to be saved.   He is not at all the brightest hero, and certainly not the most effective. There are few who have achieved the level of collateral damage he presents. For all that, he is an acceptable opponent and a decent member of the heroic community because, quite simply, he is a good person. He does not seem to understand entirely some of the nuances of the history of overlord/hero relations, nor the exact nature of our current state of conflict, but he is a genuine soul who truly wants to help people. On occasion this causes great inconvenience, but the rest of the time it is so endearing that he gets away with the rest of it.   To avoid the difficulties he can sometimes cause in his attacks, some of the “good” nations have taken to specially commissioning him for jobs so they are able to inform the “evil” ahead of time and avoid the worst repairs.


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