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DNS Elassian Tobrani

It is important to start an article concerning the greatest naval disaster in Gorathian history with the fact that Gorathia is landlocked and lacks any major bodies of water. Despite having lived and worked there my whole life I am still perplexed as to why the overlords there feel the need to have a navy at all.   Case in point: the Elassian Tobrani was a lovely vessel, carefully constructed in a dry dock to the highest specifications as a ship intended to go in the water. This is important because there are actually a fair number of airships that have been taken over by the naval officers so they actually have something to do.   The name came from a famous past overlord who had been fairly successful in her campaigns. I believe she had also been an ancestor of Murphy Barham, the admiral in charge of the whole affair.   The ship was clearly designed by a native Gorathian, because it was designed to operate as all of the different types of naval vessels in one. This included stealth, aircraft carrier, destroyer, patrol, littoral combat, and even submarine functions. Which would mainly be a difference of size and putting in additional features, but trying to do all of them at once was clearly a mistake. This is something that is known academically, and not because anyone ever actually tried to use the ship.   The lack of water didn't stop anyone, because at the time the plan was to use the ship as part of a joint venture with Visorta Volenus, for use in their waters. Of course, Visorta Volenus is quite a distance from Gorathia, and the problem became how to get the Elassian Tobrani to the water in which it was meant to sail.   This is where things went catastrophically wrong. There were a number of plans put forward as to how to transport the ship. Magic was suggested. Portals were discarded as too unpredictable. Rolling the ship across the plains was considered. In the end, the plan settled on was to fly the Elassian Tobrani via the airships that were also a technical part of the navy.   Surprisingly, this actually worked. There were a lot of ships, and there was even more magic involved, but I'm assured by a number of physicists and mages associated with the process that it would have worked.   If it wasn't for that random missile strike from Atazicolia, they might have made it. But instead, missiles hit the Elassian Tobrani, the ship went down somewhere around the Scatter Plains, and was impaled on the massive rocky spikes there. Not really much coming back from that. Also, the presence of the dragons in the region made recovery difficult.
Elsie Toe
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