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Almadon Dragos

Adam Winslow began his career as a somewhat hapless sophomore college student, and now is a major player in the politics of this world. His chosen name as Overlord of Denyithragorathia is Almadon Dragos, which was actually given to him by Jenny Regnomard, and which he later adopted for official reasons. He was assured that the name Adam, while unusual, would not be completely unknown as a name for an Overlord, but he still elected to use the name Almadon Dragos as an official title. In a world of spies and espionage and trickery, Adam holds the unusual attitude of respect for privacy, and a separate name is his way of separating the job from personal life. Of course, inevitably, both overflowed.   To those who have solely met him while he was formally fulfilling his role as Overlord, it is something of a shock to see him, for he is quite an ordinary person in appearance. According to photos, he gets his green eyes from his mother Anneliese. An average build that has grown more defined with extensive training. Someone who would not stand out in a crowd. He has since gained the bearings of a true leader, and while his appearance might not lend to an imposing presence, there is still something about his demeanor that marks him as a man of authority. It is quite amusing for me to see, since I was fortunate enough to witness his transformation.   Over the course of his first two months as Overlord, Winslow proved to be prone to getting himself in dangerous situations. His medical record from the first fifty-one days is particularly varied: blunt force trauma and a panic attack; minor electrical burns; cuts around wrists from Moring flower thorns; poisoned laceration on arm plus laser burn on shoulder; assorted bruises, sprains and dislocations resulting from intensive combat training (I am told this item may be imagined as disperse periodically through the remaining items on the list squirrel bite on arm; multiple electrical shocks, lacerations on right leg, stun blast, concussion; severe bruising and a minor burn on upper left arm; broken ribs, punctured lung, stab wounds in chest from dragon tail-spikes with associated toxins; sword wound, sprained ankle. He dealt with the assassination attempts with better aplomb than the training accidents, incidentally.   He is, at his core, a pessimist. Also claustrophobic, which actually gives him a rather small list of phobias and psychological issues compared to some previous Overlords. Also giving him an edge over the average, he has a common-sense way of looking at situations and instinctively adapted to the difficult politics of overlordship, even before truly accepting the role as his own. He is not a natural leader, but this has proved to be a strength as he has surrounded himself with skilled advisors and loyal friends, and he has come to bear his chosen profession with a noble grace.   Most of those who come from Earth must go through a certain acclimation period before they accept their fate as a citizen in a new land. Adam’s was quite short, a fact facilitated by his being estranged from his family and a loner at his university. The estrangement came when Adam’s father, a widower, remarried a woman with three children of her own, all younger than Adam.   His stepmother Diana is, by all accounts, a calm and authoritative woman. Step-sister Laurel is sixteen and the usual mix of foolishly high self-confidence and conceit. Middle sister Kimberley is thirteen and bookish. The youngest, Jimmy, is six and adores his new brother after having spent a lifetime with only a mother and two older sisters.   He did not have a good opinion of Gorathia or any of its inhabitants initially. There are whole files devoted to the retelling of how he attempted to run away, multiple times, in increasingly clever ways. In fact, he succeeded at one point by using an attack against the castle as a distraction, a stolen hacking device and the manipulation of a little-known escape vector. Of course, he had a change of heart and wound up coming back and saving the day.
Currently Held Titles

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