Tungsten Barrier

Deep within the Depths, one can find a large winding tunnel stretching way deep into the northern mountains. The tunnel shows signs of a removed minecart rail and removed structural enforcement, as if previous inhabitants only temporarily wanted to keep the tunnel safe.   Just past a single large chamber, the tunnel is cut off by a massive metal wall. The wall is heavily dented and damaged, but still stands. It is embedded deeply into the surrounding rock, making it impossible to take down. The damage suggests something has tried to break through from the other side. Furthermore, the wall seems to have been decorated before, but all decorations have been melted off, indicating that great heat has tormented the barrier.   There's traces in the chamber of past construction that has since been removed. Asides from that, there's no signs of wildlife or even past life. In fact, most of the tunnel has no signs of past usage. Whatever has tried to break through in the past, must have been intimidating enough that even now, no animal or monster dares to approach.
The Depths

Cover image: Dark Woods by Free-Photos


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