Leave it to wannabe-hip drug dealers to come up with a ridiculous geeky name. Still not as bad as the dealer that called himself 'Sugar Daddy' for selling this. Anyway, this drug is great for those with broken tastebuds, or having to deal with cheap liquor. Just be careful what you drink, because it will make it hard to figure out you are drinking something toxic.
— Moenen
(15-Body) hours, minimum 3 hours
Sw33tener is a drug that triggers the release of a small amount of endorphins, producing a semi-natural high. It has a side-effect of impacting the tastebuds, enhancing the tastebuds for sweet flavours, while reducing the effectiveness of all others.   This drug was developed as a weaker version of the drug Rush, designed for those that want to stay under the influence longer. The impact on tastebuds is a side-effect of all the added ingredients and chemicals, which were added to make it last hours instead of mere minutes.   An upside to Sw33tener is that it has no crash effect. It also is less addicting due to the more subtle impact it has. That said, its effect decreases over time, so some folks tend to double-dose after a few hours. The impact of this on the body is yet uncertain. Additionally, Sw33tener can make it hard to realize your drink was altered. This makes it an interesting tool for poisoning someone.
A local candystore is selling less due to the spread of Sw33tener at nearby high schools, as weaker sweets suffice when using the drug. The owner is upset and wants the distributor out of the way.   The runners are hired as security for a conference, not realizing they are about to get dragged into a murder plot. After a reviewer deliberately sabotaged a local restaurant with a bad review, the chef wants revenge. They intend to poison the reviewer using a specific dish, hiding the poison with Sw33tener. The dish has been modified to taste as normal when under the influence, while the runners make for convenient scapegoats.   Due to a crackdown, a producer of Sw33tener is running into a shortage of some of the complicated ingredients. They need the runners to steal into a chemical lab and obtain a proper supply.

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