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Algiss Biological Exclusion Zone

12:03, Sepvri 8th,1906

8-7-1906, 12:03 is the date when the Velde Republic ceased existing. It was a bright summers day, The Great War had turned cold. Cannons and soldiers were replaced by tables and diplomats. Then night came and it bore heavy upon the world. With a crack and a thud seven million lives gone. It were as if they never had existed, but in the memory of their loved ones.
— Our War, by Edle Figurs
  To this day, all parties involved in The Great war, have officially stated to not know what caused the horrifying event, that befell all those present in the Vedle Republic at 3 minutes after midnight.    

The Darkblast

  Witnesses outside of the affected area all describe a flash of darkness. The flash was said, to be very noticeable as it blotted out any light sources in the distance. Some individuals have made claims of having been temporary blinded, but these testimonials could not be corroborated by any third party.  
Artist rendition of the Darkblast
by Fluofish


The zone is mostly dessert. In the east there are rocky outcroppings, that form the foothills of the Brastian Highlands. The landscape is covered by remnants of its forests , with only dead trees remain standing.   All bodies of water are believed to be still present and while Vedle bordered at the Aparic Sea, the affected area lies about 7 km inland.

Fauna & Flora

None.   The zone has been designated uninhabitable for all biological life. Exposure to the area, leads to death within a matter of seconds. Due to worries of contaminated dust particles being displaced and inhaled, a 5km wide buffer zone of dense forest, is being maintained by the countries bordering next to the A.B.E.Z, with the Brastian Highlands forming their own natural buffer.
Soil samples taken, have shown no presence of any organisms, nor any form of microbiological entities. The soil is considered barren and sterile.
What is causing the acute trauma, resulting in immediate death, is to this day still unknown. Any bodies or carcasses, fallen within the zone, must remain there.
Alternative Name(s)
Death Zone, Garden Of Ethernal Sleep, Area 12.83, Vedle Dessert
Remnants of the Vedle Republic
Most of the Vedle Republic was destroyed in the cataclysmic event know as the Darkblast. Except for its north-eastern region, which remained unaffected. During the post-war reconstruction period, this region was incorporated within Stolesia as a province.

Kowlres Biological Exclusion Zone
While rarely mentioned, parts of northern Kowlres were also caught in the destruction. Yet casualties remained low. The border had been almost completely militarized and most active personnel had been called back, as part of the conditions that had been agreed upon for the the cease fire
In Lundohal, the capital city of Kowlres, a memorial has been erected, remembering the 372 service men and women who are believed to have perished. Their names have also been included on the walls of the "Park Of The Lost"-Memorial in Svidstadt, Stolesia. In 1941, with the creation the BEZ Monitoring Initiative, the Kowlres BEZ was administratively merged into the Algiss BEZ.

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