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21st of Ellolis

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Ossin is a vast world with a multitude of continents and races; the beings who inhabit the world all believe in some form of higher power that brought them all to life with many agreeing to the myth that is produced by The Council of Advancement and Awareness .

The Beginning

In the beginning Suraf and Rima were two halves of a whole, a fusion of dark and light ensuring a balance in the world; they were known as The Mother and Father of Creation. Together they created Ossin and all who inhabit it; starting with gods and goddess’ in their own image. Next came the beings created by Rima, the fair folk as some called them otherwise known as the elves and the aasimar. Beautiful beings that walked the lands and traversed the waters exploring everything they found, giving names and meaning to all they saw. The dwarfven and dragonborn kind followed suit making their way to the hills, mountains,volcanoes and deserts of the land. Burrowing deep into the ground the dwarfs discovered treasures none could imagine, and the dragonborn learned the secrets to the arcane arts. As this happened Suraf made his own brutish creations in the form of the Orcs, Goliaths, and tieflings. Then the two came together to create man, a balance of both good and bad that was free to explore and worship the gods that created them and their children.

Over time the creations of light and many humans found solace from two such children of The Mother of Creation; the goddess' known as The Builder and The Giver of Insight and founded The Council of Advancement and Awareness along with the first beacon of civilization The Exalted City of Rycaa. It was here that all manor of new and old creations of the Mother and Father of Creation came to study and add to the collections of knowledge as well as build the city up to a beacon of protection against the dangerous of the world. As the denizens of the world continued to build and learn, new creations joined them on the material plane both malicious and benevolent. This brought the light of civilization to the far reaching corners of the world and new dangerous with it.

Seeing her children help the mortal creations filled Rima with great joy, but she sensed that Suraf was uneasy with the world they had made. Very few beings worshiped him and his own children in the way the god’s and goddess of light were being revered. Great temples and halls were built in there names, shrines and ships took on their likeness. The Father of Creation and his pantheon were kept in the shadows and underground, far less praise was put upon them and that did not sit well with there egos. To combat this Rima sought a solution and so she told Suraf to create a new god, one of death to watch over the souls of their world when their lives end. This is where the beginning of the end came for the partnership that was The Mother and Father of Creation. The god of death was an evil being consumed with his want to torture and enslave the souls of those who found themselves unaligned to a god. This did not sit well with The Mother of Creation and a powerful sorcerous who studied the methods to kill a god and ascend to godhood. Rima sent The Knowing Warrior to grant this sorcerous help in the hopes she would defeat the god of death and save the tortured souls. Suraf found out about the plot after the sorcerous was successful in her attack and became the new god of death, The Protector of Souls also known as the Raven Queen.

The Cosmic War

The Mother and Father of Creation found themselves in a place of no going back, Rima wished to fix the bond they shared but there was no chance. Suraf pulled away and split them in two, leaving Rima weak and retreating into cesletia. Suraf now known as The Father of Darkness along with his children made their way to the material plane to claim the land and its denizens for themselves, this was the beginning of the Cosmic War. The small kingdoms and principalities that dotted the land fell quickly to the power of Darkness with all but one bastion of civilization destroyed by the onslaught of demons, devils, and gods of evil.

The city of Rycca along with its library Kerith-Valandras stood tall with the help of the gods and goddess of light and their army of angels. For hundreds of years The Father of Darkness and his children used the mortal plane as their canvas, destroying and reforming the lands as they saw fit all the while wishing to remove the last piece of Rima and her brood. The Mother of Life took centuries to regain her strength all while her creations of both mortal and immortal kind fought off the everlasting darkness they feared that Rima would never return to help. Four centuries went by without a word from The Mother of Life, but her children and devote followers believed that she would return; then on the eve of the new year a beacon of bright gold light was seen emanating from the grand temple to Rima in the city of Rycaa. Over the next few days the light would grow giving hope to the creations and children in the city as well as a dome of protective light eventually encompassing the entire city shielding them from the onslaught of everlasting darkness.

Six months passed with the luminous dome growing steadily, forcing Suraf’s army further away from the last bastion of civilization and allowing for the reemergence of a healed Mother of Life. In the early morning on the eighteenth day of the sixth month the goddess Rima came back to the material plane and took control of her army from The Knowing Warrior and lead her children and mortal creations against the darkness. What would become to be known as the Cosmic War lasted for another year culminating in a final battle between Rima and Suraf. Hundreds of miles away from the city of Rycca their clash waged on for what seemed to last an eternity to the celestial beings but to the few mortals privy to this only a moment passed. For those watching an explosion of divine energy came forth from The Mother of Life casting out the darkness and bringing the world into an age of enlightenment.

After the War

When the war ended not only was the world granted gifts of knowledge and power unlike it had know before, the land wherein the final battle took place became charged with magical energies causing a rift now known as the scar to form and the arcane lay lines to reform. The gods and goddess’ of light returned with their mother to their homes on Celestia, the mortal denizens of the land spread out from The Exalted City of Rycca establishing kingdoms and empires across the world. Millennia passed and the world ebed and flowed with the changes that came, Suraf gained his strength back and fought with his army behind him once more.

So began the new order of the world with Rima and Suraf still unfused the world was left forever unbalanced and the two in constant war trying to gain advantage over the other. Hundreds of years would pass between battles on the mortal plane with each one ending with the world reforming in the eyes of the victor all the while the Exalted City of Rycca stood strong against the ever changing landscape. It was prophesied that when The Mother of Life and Father of Darkness first spilt a piece of each of them found it’s way to the mortal plane and an inhabitant of the lands would be born with the ability to bring the two back together allowing for balanced to be restorted to the world known as Ossin.

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