Cambra Barge

The cambra barge is a kind of transport which runs along the canals of the cooler southern settlements, particularly amongst Saned and Sanwen dominant cultures. Although a pole is often used for some propulsion, and to unstick the boat when it becomes lodged on detritus or the side of the canal, the main power behind the Cambra Barge is the Cambra itself. Teams of two are often used, though a smaller vehicle can be drawn by one alone provided the Cambra is well fed and carefully rested.


Cambra beasts

Armor and defense

Sometimes these barges are equipped with cross bows or archers, particularly in areas rife with river parties. There are stories of some Gos Cambra Barges which have somehow managed to defend themselves with devices which throw green, foul-smelling flames at aggressors.
Cambra Barges are often armoured with metal sheets or boiled oil to repel attacks and collisions caused by the occasional drunken incident.

Communication Tools & Systems

Flags are occasionally used to signal to oncoming ships (generally "get out my way") but usually it's close enough that a good yell will get a fellow Cambra Barge's attention.

Additional & auxiliary systems

A big pole is sometimes used. A very few models in windy areas employ rudimentary sails.

Barge, Beast Boat,
Common in the south, rarer in the northern countries
6 - 10 feet long
6-10 feet high
too heavy to carry!
approximately 4 km per hour, depending on how heavily loaded the barge is, and the number of Cambra beasts drawing the barge
2 -5, depending on the size
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
2 tonnes


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