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Often mistaken for eggs, Dragonstones (& Pebbles) are scattered across the universe. When "incubated" correctly, kept warm and exposed to concentrations of magic, they will crack open and release a hatchling dragon. From the outside, Dragonstones just look like crusty, knobby and plain rocks. They are, however, quite spherical and when opened, they're bright and colorful and sometimes indicative of the type of dragon each stone can produce. They range in size from peanuts to bowling balls, are typically spherical, but can also be egg shaped and even semi-conical.   Sometimes referred to as Dragon Tears the smaller "Pebbles" produce tiny dragons known as Flurries and Embers. They also produce an assortment of Spring dragons, most often yellow, but found in other pastels, too.  Once it matures, this class of dragons is typically no larger than a medium sized butterfly.  Flurries have an innate frost effect which, when coupled with their very white hides and their tendency to flock together, makes their movements — especially migrations — seem like snow flurries.  Embers are the same, except they emulate drifting embers.  The latter are beautiful to watch at night, but their migrations are often assisted by larger dragons whom will scoop them into their mouths and carry them to their destination to avoid the possibility of leaving behind a path of fiery destruction wherever they travel.  Spring dragons are a favorite among sprites, pixies, and fairies, and are treated like valued companions. This also provides the Spring dragons with security and protection.
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Species | Oct 29, 2023

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