VENTRISS Union Dynamic Corporate (or UDC) is a major Terran based corporation  


VENTRISS UDC was founded in Japan in the 2000's. It's founder was Etromo Ventriss, a Japanese-American businessman who set up the company which was largely involved in shipping, chemicals and weaponry  


VENTRISS UDC has a complex structure but complies with the normal company structure in some ways. The company is lead by its CEO who answers to the board of directors. The board represents the shareholders and most of them are major shareholders themselves.   The senior leadership team of VENTRISS are the Vice Presidents, who hold the VENTRISS grade L8. These L8's head up major divisions within VENTRISS and are often members of the board of directors.   VENTRISS owns around a dozen smaller companies and is, in turn, a share-holder in around a dozen more.   VENTRISS's HQ was based in Tokyo until the 2130's when it was moved to the Bradbury Colony on Mars. In the year 2245 VENTRISS moved it's HQ to New Carthage   In 2310 VENTRISS moved its HQ back to Mars.  

Current Leadership

Aiko Haruamaya is CEO of VENTRISS UDC   Former CEO's
  • Shen Hanzo -2305-2325
  • Jessa Welby -2325-2350
  • Takahashi Shinzaemon -2350-2359
  • Shiryu Oyatammi -2360-2390
  • Aiko Haruamaya -2390-2415
  • Sol Anderson -2415-2420
  • Aiko Hatamoya -2420-2430
  • Daizo Akazawa -2430-2440
  • Marcian Valmont -2440-2450
  • Takahashi Muratomo -2450-2465
  • Matako Aiyaba -2465-2485
  • Cotter McGinley -2485-2500
  • Iyako Hamada -2500-2515
  • Judson Navas -2515- 2545
  • Kinnesten Fadala -2545

Major Products

VENTRISS are primarily involved in chemicals, big pharmaceuticals, weapons development, shipping and finance. VENTRISS also owns LYNXX which is a major media corporation.  


VENTRISS have a historic rivalry with West-Corp who they regard as their traditional enemy. VENTRISS tend to have an adverserial relationship with all other major corporations and have also waged intense competition with Allied Technology, Espirit du Nacional and a host of other, now extinct corporations.   VENTRISS are also known to have little support for the various polities that have ruled or attempted to rule Terran space. They were collaborators with the Karkouri during the Four Empires War. They were strong enemies of the Terran Confederacy after it nationalized 45% of its assets after the civil war in 2240.

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