Orlos Durgord Kingdom's Presence in the Darnal Valley
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Durgord Kingdom's Presence in the Darnal Valley

Political event


The Durgord Kingdom occupied the Darnal valley for just over 100 years, starting with their discovery of iron veins and ending just after the 2313 earthquake.

The Durgord kingdom first expanded west into the Darnal valley around 2201, just after the discovery of the iron veins in the region. They left very little trace of their occupation of the valley, with most of their sites being underground in the mines which collapsed in the earthquake. The one site that did survive in part though were the Martof Mines, of which a few of the upper chambers remain intact, if in a precarious state.   No major encounters with other powers occurred during the Durgord occupation and the valley's development picked up pace during these years, especially in the north where trade occurred with the more central regions of the Durgord Kingdom.

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