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Although some of the most ferocious natural hazards that monsters can encounter in the wild, bears are tame around humanoids. Never-the-less, it takes commitment and care to turn a bear into a beast of burden or a companion animal. Brown bears are the most common, although other species are prevalent in more restricted ranges.

Beasts of Burden

Bears have immense strength, being the strongest of the domesticated animals apart from the elephant. Bears have a much wider range than elephants, however, so outside the Archipelagic Safe Zone they are the best available. The difficulty in training them means that their use is restricted to tasks where their strength is necessary, such a logging or quarrying.


Hunters and similar classes can obtain a bear as a companion with a suitable perk. However, most adventurers find bears as a whole to be somewhat too wilful and independent-minded. There is also the problem that, as a large creature, they can struggle in the confined quarters of dungeons. For adventurers that select a bear, despite the drawbacks, they are rewarded with an extremely powerful front-line fighter that grows in strength with their Skill. Bear companions can grow to impressive sizes, up to 5'9" or more.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Commonly found throughout the world, albeit more frequently on the south of the mainland of Orichalca.
25 years.
Average Height
4'6" at the shoulder
Average Length

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