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1/13/21 When Last We Met...

General Summary

Caer's Bears were frolicking with Stephen upon a spectral horse summoned by BP when suddenly a sound of commotion appeared in the Red Flask Boarding House. The Tavern was attacked by Werewolves and the party sprang into action!   They, along with a few new faces, cut and burned their way through the Lycanthropes until they were corpse and ash. The party introduced themselves to the strangers who helped them dispatch the beasts - a Dragonborn named Hootie McBoob (wounded by one of the beasts and contracted Lycanthropy). The other was a pale skinned Elven women named Cyn. Once the tavern was cleared out - Cyn noticed a hooded figure staring at them. BP moved to detect their thoughts and heard them mockingly call the party murderers and swore revenge on them. Then It moved up to the second floor of the Inn. The city guard came running and questioned the party but after a few key persuasion rolls, they were vindicated for the most part. The Guards shut the Inn down for the night so the party had to find different accommodations.    With the choice being the local brothel or a moderately priced inn, the party chose the latter - to the disappointment of Baphomet Phillip. The party took their rest and met a new day. Where they set out to try and find a cure for Hootie's new Lycanthrope affliction. They checked in with Perla' rarities and relics. Perla told the party that they needed a remove curse spell to end the affliction. Stronghorn bought an interesting ring off of Perla...   From there the party met with the City Council who thanked and admonished the party for their role in defeating Tharizdun. They offered to grant one request to the party no matter the cost. The party decided to hold onto this request until they knew what they needed. The council granted them this request And answered a few questions about construction and werewolves for the party. they also set their sights on this Slaver the party brought their attention to.   After that the party traveled to the Library of Academia to find more answers or someone who could remove a curse. the party ran into a Firbolg named Kalle Savi who was able to explain that though Lycanthropy is a dangerous affliction - It can be resisted/subdued for the most part, except on nights of a full moon when the curse is too strong to resist.    Kalle revealed he is about to begin a teaching tenure at the Abraxios Academy. He gave more information to Stronghorn about Mount celestia - And that's where we pick up next time!

Rewards Granted

Ring of Mind Shielding - Bought by Stronghorn - Turns out it has the soul of a man named Samuel trapped within it. Samuel can communicate with whoever wears the ring.   A favor/Request from the City Council

Missions/Quests Completed

Meet new friends!

Character(s) interacted with

Stephen - Ran off into the night when the Werewolves attacked - Will you visit him at his home?   Hootie McBoob - Dragonborn Paladin - Sought out Caer after the war with Tharizdun which he took part in. Fought alongside the party and suffered a wound from the Werewolves. seeking a Cure for his Lycanthropy while traveling along with the party   Cyn - Elven Multiclass - Fought alongside the party against the Werewolves. Seems to incorporate Sorcerer Magic with her Paladin combat prowess. Traveling along with the party to root out this slaver Zavoniy   Mysterious Figure - Hooded and cloaked in Shadow - Called the party murderers and swore revenge before disappearing into the night - Who was that mysterous man??   Samuel - Lost soul trapped in Stronghorns Ring of Mind Shielding - Will he ever be freed?   Kashkin - Minister of Music and Art for the City Council of Mount Cashell. Leveled with the party that they knew about werewolves but needed to avoid a panic   Kalle Savi - Firbolg scholar at the Library - Quite knowledgable about magic with a speciality in cosmology - highly detailed and informative. Will be Lecturing at the Abraxios Academy starting The 1st of Medb (Maeve) (A few days from now). Will you visit him while trying to find a mage who can lift a curse?


26th of Dagda - Party fought Werewolves in the Red Flask - Met two new companions and spent the night in the Clay Titan Inn.   27th of Dagda - Party visited Perla's Artifacts - Stronghorn bought her ring. They Visited the City Council - earned a favor. And Visited the Library of Academia and met a knowledgeable Firbolg.   It is mid Afternoon when we pick up next time.   The Next Full Moon Will be: 25th of Maeve (28 days from now)
Report Date
14 Jan 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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