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A giant sized bat living in the cave formations under parts of the Carsil forest. The rivers of Carsil dig into the earth and when they get diverged, there remains large moist caves that the Megabat gladly populate. They live and sleep the days away in these caves, exiting at night to feed on sleeping preys, even those larger than them.
  Megabats fang have a relaxing effect that allows them to feed on animals without waking them up. If push comes to shove, the Megabats defend themselves with wind magic. They either run away or damage their foes with blades of air.
  Smart and deeply communal, Megabats are easily tamed, but hard to find for their homes lies deep into the forest where even experienced monster hunters seldom penetrate. However, should a civilisation exist near these giant flying rats, they could certainly use these efficient night survivors.

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