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Quailstone (home use)

If you've got any sense of manners at all, you check a house's quailstone before knocking.
  Quailstones are used to declare a home occupied and to invite Phasia's influence in, to keep the influence of the Wilds out, and to showcase a bit about the occupant(s).   A quailstone turned toward the window with both wings raised actively invites guests in. A quailstone turned away from the window indicates that the occupant(s) are not receiving guests. (And one with its tail raised rudely drives the point home!) A quailstone with eggs or chicks indicates a recent addition to the family that they are celebrating.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Each stone carries the blessing of Phasia.

Manufacturing process

The block is carved into a simple quail-like shape as it is blessed and annointed by a priest of Phasia. Once it is complete, the homeowner can decorate it as they see fit.


Item type
Religious / Ritualistic
3 lbs.
6x4 inches
Raw materials & Components
One block of stone weighing at least 5 lbs., preferably from a local source.
Hammer and chisel, holy oil, blessing of a priest of Phasia.

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Cover image: Quailstones by Cassandra Martini


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