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[Report given to the Canadian Senate on the emergence of so-called "Meta Humans" or "Metas." by Doctor Janet Wallace]

Good evening. Thank you to Senators Bryce and Howard for inviting me here, and to the senat comittee on what are commonly known as "Meta Humans". The scientific name we have given to this phenomeno is "Mutatio-Artificialis-Humani-Superioris" or "MAHS" as I will be referring to them throughout my testimony.

It is important to understand that, as best to our knowledge, this is not a naturally occuring evolutionary mutation. Obviously with changes happening rapidly, and with wildly varrying mutations observed across globe, there is no scientific precident to suggest these changes are in any way natural. We've examined genetic samples from over six-hundred MAHS and their parents. There appears to be no moderate or slight genetic change between the two generations, as we would expect if these changes were from natural causes. Instead the genetic makeup of the MAHS were entirely different. Not just changes, but an entirely different genetic makeup. MAHS do not have double helix DNA, rather a triple helix strand type. They do not have 46 chromosomes, they have 69.

Several things are important to note here as well. First, we are quite certain that none of the MAHS were born this way. After our initial study we were informed that two subjects that presented as homosapien later developed powers. The first with Francis Powers, male, age 14. We triple verified test results and on August 3rd 2025, his DNA was a standard, human, double helix. On October 1st, 2021, his DNA had 23 more chromosomes. This data was mirrored by Lucile Trace, trans-female, age 16. On September 22nd, 2025 she had a standard DNA, and on October 7th, she too had 23 more chormosomes. Neither patient noted any discomfort, pain, or any kind of discernable symptoms before their transformation. Francis Powers discovered his abilities immediately, as he woke up floating over his bed. Lucile Trace is unsure of when her powers actually began, as she had reported hearing voices at an aquarium three weeks prior, but she had attributed this to her class being loud. It was only on a return visit to the aquarium with her family that she realized she could talk to aquatic animals.

Second, we have absolutely no idea how these mutations are happening. We took the histories of 16,291different MAHS and found absolutely no correlation between them. They come from all different walks of life. Poor, rich, disabled, brilliant, dim, athletic, frail... Some have traveled the world, some barely left the home towns, one had never so much as stepped outside due to a rare skin condition. There appear to be no dietary similarities but even if there were any, their families and likely yours have eaten much the same kind of food as they have. We have noted that MAHS tend to skew young, but there are several adult MAHS as well.

Third, we have been unable to recreate the mutation in animals. The brightest minds from around the world have collaborated in the Quantum Genetics and Research Lab in Toronto for the better part of six months, and we are no closer now as we were at the beginning, to recreate the mutation... This lead us to take the extraordinary step of petitioning the United Nations to allow us to do some human testing in a limited scope, to which the UN reluctantly agreed and certain aspects of the Geneva Convention were lifted. Twenty subjects, agreed to the testing in exchange for $1.5 Million Dollars.

Fourth, along with being unable to recreate the mutation in animals, we are 100% certain we will be unable to reverse the changes. One of our test subjects, Charles Price, age 18 without proper authorization injected himself with what we all thought might be a cure. Prior to taking the injection, he could turn himself invisible on command. After the injection more than 80% of his body became covered in boils. He lives now in either constant pain, or a state of lucidity as he is on a permanent IV of anesthesia drugs. Human testing ended immediately afterword, and myself and my colleagues were given commuted criminal sentences for failing to protect our patients.

This brings me to my fifth and final point: This is not an issue that science is going to be able to help with in the foreseeable future. We have no means of mitigating mutations, no means of predicting mutations, no means of recreating the mutations for proper testing, and no means of reversing mutations. Jason Kenney's conservative government promised to the world that we would find a solution to the "Meta-Problem" but that was an uninformed lie. This is a global issue that is going to have to be dealt with by governments willing to tackle integration, not people looking to us for a "cure".

Thank you for your time.


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