The Soulbound

The Soulbound believe that all living creatures carry a shard of The One's soul, stemming from The Creation of Omeria and Life Itself where The One sacrificed itself to bring down the Deromund and give life to all mortal creatures.   The faith was originally held by Gem Dragons and Dragonborn of their heritage, but many others have begun following it since.

Mythology & Lore

It is the belief of the Soulbound that in order to create life, The One had to splinter its soul into millions of smaller pieces: One for each creature it made. In doing so, the god became a husk of its former self, which is why it needed help from its creations in order to defeat the Deromund. Their faith says that The One now walks on Omeria in the form of a normal person, its power all but lost. They believe it is up to them to return that power which they have taken from their god.   In order to do so, they must make a sacrifice for good. A sacrifice as great, or greater, than the one their god made so many millennia ago. Obviously, this cannot be done by individuals, so they must all work together and give everything they can in their service. Only through mutual sacrifice, can The One be remade and allowed to cleanse the world of all evil again.

Tenets of Faith

There are no official tenets within the faith, apart from a common goal to reunify the soul of The One. The closest one can get to a unified belief in how to do this, is that it requires sacrifice similar to what The One sacrificed to create life in the first place. Since no mortal being could ever hope to attain such a powerul sacrifice, all living creatures must work together and sacrifice what little they can for the good of others. Not only is this a sacrifice, it is believed that it serves to bring the soul-pieces closer together so that they can be made into one when the time comes.


Seeing as they don't believe their god is in any state to guide them, The Soulbound don't believe any central power could do it either. Because of this, there is no proper priesthood. However, more experienced believers, particularly ancient dragons, often serve as spiritual advisors to the young.


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