The dragonborn can be found in civilizations all over the world, often creating their own little communities within cities. They tend to prefer sticking to their own, as many other races are sceptical of their obvious draconic ancestry. Moreover, a drunk dragonborn of the right sort has the capability to set any tavern on fire, making innkeeps extra vigilant and quick to throw them out.

Basic Information


Dragonborn are the result of dragons mixing with other humanoids, giving them features from both sides of their parentage. While they retain the general shape and size of humans, they have some key differences. The most noticeable is that they tend to have scaly skin and dragon-like snouts instead of more normal humanoid faces. Their build resembles humans quite a lot but they tend to be a little taller. Some dragonborn also have tails of varying sizes. Another difference lies beneath the surface. Dragonborn have inherited their draconic ancestors' breath weapons, though not quite as dangerous.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Humanoid Draken
100 years (Verillantin calendar)
Average Height
1,7 - 2,1 meters (5'5" - 6'9")


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