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The Spider Queen

Image by tsaikoyyuhf
She is said to roam the forest, looking for wandering changelings in the night. She stalks the city late at night, crawling and scampering in and around all crevasses and hiding spots, checking to see if any juicy prey is cowering in the shadow.   She stands 3.0m in height, towering over her enemies, she has the lower body half of a deadly black widow and the top half of a an even more deadly witch.  
Come take a seat on the floor here child, I have a story to tell...
  Hundreds of years ago, Specternum looked upon the land in anger, he saw that the once pure and innocent blood of the changelings had been corrupt by the world around it. He was angry at all the bad things changelings were getting up to. They were disobeying their parents, stealing from the stores, being rude to their elders and all other manner of terrible things. In his anger, he saw an evil witch who was sitting on the outskirts of Acrylicarion. He said to her, "I will give you a chance to redeem yourself in the eyes of the gods if you fufill a simple task for us." She replies with a bow and a nod. That was when Specternum turned er bottom half into a spider and instructed her to harvest all of the children out past curfew.   "What ever happened to her Granny?"   She still stalks the forest at night, picking off the naughty children who are out at night. That is why you must not be out past curfew, now, go do your chores!


It is said that she is looking for naughty changelings out after dark to kidnap and bring o her home deep in the wood. There she wraps them in her thick web and lays her eggs in their mouths and eyes, letting her children eat them from the inside out.   If they are not careful, she will grow strong enough to break into their houses and steal them again, but they have to be naughty children, a strange thing I know, but one she can sense in people non - the - less.

Historical Basis

It is believed that Specternum, the god of emotion, sent her to keep the changeling blood clean from corruption

In Literature

There are many fair tales and children's books based around her to scare them into being good

In Art

Even though she is a legend, there are small images and hints towards her existence being real, but it is more likely these images were seen and used as inspiration by angry parents with out of control children

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